Speed Limit Info SLI Emulator For BMW F&G Series without KAFAS Camera

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Speed Limit Information will display the speed limit of road, on the speedometer. This is an SLI emulator that uses your car’s navigation data to display the speed limit.

If you have a KAFAS2 or KAFAS4 camera in front of your car, we can do a live activation instead of this. If unsure, you can send us your VIN number, picture of your speedometer and windshield.

Speed Limit Info will show on both Speedometer + Heads Up Display


Compatible with the Following

1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 3GT 4 Series
2013-2018 2014-2018 2013-2018 2013-2018 2013-2018
5 Series 5GT 6 Series 7 Series X1
2013-2018 2013-2016 2013-2018 2013-2018 2016-2018
X2 X3 X4 X5 X6
2017-2018 2013-2018 2014-2018 2014-2018 2014-2018


FOR MINI Vehicles, please contact us before purchase.


  • 2、The no overtaking icon varies depending on car models. 
  • 3、Our products support Model F and G Series. There is a switch located on the side of product module. Select the position corresponding to your model with the switch. (Do not select with the switch while the power is still connected.)
  • 4、This product is not suitable for cars without a navigation system.
  • 5. Incase that your car is not of any of the years listed, the product can still be installed provided that your car is equipped or added with an NBT or EVO module.
  • 6、Only 6WA, 6WB are supported, Basic Kombi are not supported.
  • 7. iDrive 7 models are not supported.
  • 8. On some roads without speed limit information, it will always display 20 (kmh or mph).