Ambient Lighting RGB - Centre Console and All Doors

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We will supply and install ambient lighting on any car. 

Some cars can also have a glow factory effect.

Price will be extra for larger cars - please contact us directly 


*Light Color: RGB Multi-color
*Phone App Control: For IOS and Android
*Waterproof: Yes

Light Modes:
1. Sound Active Effects: The LED car glow system is equipped with sound sensors that let the LED lights synchronize with music beat. The LED music light strip follows the beat and adjusts flashing to fit the strength of the sound.
2. Brightness Color Temperature Adjustment: The LED is equipped with brightness color temperature adjustment mode. When you feel the light is dark, you can use this mode to change brightness.
3. Music Decoration: providing elegance inside the car when driving at night or enjoying music.

Ambient will be hardwired to your car.

Process takes approx 6 hours.