Apple CarPlay Activation

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Once purchased, please live chat or email us your VIN Number along with your Nav Version starting with NBTevo_******

Please take a photo your iDrive and send to us via email, live chat or WhatsApp.
1. Map version
on menu : Go to Navigation -> Press Options button -> Select Navigation settings -> Scroll down to Position and version -> Select version information

In order for this feature to work, your BMW or Mini must have been manufactured after July 2016, or your car software must have been updated in July 2016 or later.

Full screen is only possible on cars with NBTEvo_N up to NBTEvo_R (Alphabetic Order).

Easy USB Activation method works for Versions J,K,L,M,N,O - This means you do not need to come to us. We will email you the file to activate CarPlay.

Remote Activation also possible - you must have a enet cable.

Package includes Apple CarPlay lifetime activation with FREE Video in Motion + Android Screen Mirroring.

Some vehicles require a WiFi antenna installed. - Extra Cost

Please note if you take the vehicle to BMW, you will lose the Apple CarPlay and we are not responsible as they will do a software update and reset it back to factory.

Apple’s CarPlay lets you connect an iPhone to your BMW & Mini and use iOS apps on the factory iDrive display. Use Google Maps for navigation, access your iTunes library or send texts via Siri voice command.