6WB BMW OEM Digital Instrument Cluster Retrofit

Save 30%

Price includes all fitting, wiring and coding to your vehicle.

Some cars may require a fibre optic cable or a Y connector if car already has Fibre Optic, this is not included in the price and would be an additional cost.

Amplifying your driving experience is not a whim — it means making the absolute most of your BMW’s potential. And the OEM 6WB Digital Instrument Cluster designed specifically for your car model is exactly what you need to reach the next level of comfort and confidence behind the wheel. All thanks to displaying the most vital driver info within your BMW’s virtual cockpit.

Display Car In Real Time

Since the BMW digital dash is fully digitized, it’s able to display numerous pieces of information according to your needs. The pivotal ones – that is the rev counter, the speedometer, the fuel level and the engine temperature – cover the largest portion of the BMW digital dash on both sides, making it easy to track the economy of your driving at all times. 


The 6WB BMW OEM Digital Cluster is customized for each model individually due to the different configuration of every vehicle. Yet, no matter your car specifications, the upgrade is always fully plug & play, doesn’t require any permanent modifications to your BMW and thus is completely lease-friendly. It shouldn’t void your warranty either – this is however contingent on local regulations and warranty clauses. We are an authorised independent BMW workshop so all works also gets uploaded onto bmw system for your peace of mind.