BMW Battery Registration


This is a BMW New Battery Registration Service. - Battery is not included


Why register a BMW battery?

  • A BMW battery needs to be registered so that the engine control module (known in BMW terms as DME - Digital Motor Electronics) can properly charge the battery.
  • Skipping the battery registration procedure can cause the new battery to fail prematurely.
  • BMW battery registration was introduced in 2002 and most BMW models require that you perform battery registration.
  • If your BMW is older than 2002, you don't need to perform battery registration.


What happens when you register a BMW battery? 

During the BMW battery registration process, the following happens:

  • Battery capacity is set to 80%

  • The current Odometer reading is stored

  • Delete stored battery statistics such as:

    • current,

    • voltage,

    • battery charge level.

  • Stored temperature statistics are deleted