BMW M3/M4 GTS/CS Flash


BMW Customz presents GTS Performance FLASH for BMW F80/F82/F83.

DOES NOT void warranty. All OEM software. No affect on Tunes.

GTS/CS flash contains: 

- Gearbox GTS/CS Flash

- MDM Coding (GTS)

- Differential Coding (GTS)

- Power steering Coding (GTS)

- EDC Coding (CS)

What it gives to your M3/M4? 

M4 GTS DCT Performance Flash - (MASSIVELY reduced kangaroo gear changes especially in sports and sports+ modes). Big difference putting the power down more! Also changes the tone of your exhaust to sound sportier and deeper on stock untuned engine. On competition pack cars and custom burble remapped tuned cars, your burbles will change to match the M4 GTS burbles.

M4 GTS Electronic Power Steering Stiffens steering for better control/handling with more advanced power assist, especially during hydroplanning.

M4 GTS Traction Control More slip in MDM before power is cut and allows better traction control settings, improved drifting characteristics.

M4 GTS Rear Differential Improved take off from the line, more control, better cornering. Straight line launch control and take off.


Process is done by one of our technicians. Takes roughly 45-60 minutes.

Completely safe solution for all F8x Cars.