BMW NBT Evo ID4 to ID6 Flash with Apple CarPlay

Save 29%

BMW Customz offering you a major upgrade (flashing) from NBTEvo iDrive 4 to iDrive 6 + activation of Apple CarPlay Fullscreen + Screen Mirroring (Android) + VIM (Video In Motion)

Our custom TAL works stable without reboots when using the CarPlay Fullscreen. Tested many times (Over 500+ units flashed). This is a stable and the best solution on the market available.

We recommend using CarPlay for navigation as the NBT EVO ID4 has 2GB RAM, it may cause the unit to restart if you calculate longer distances in the original BMW navigation maps. However if you’re using CarPlay, then you will not have any issues. 

To Check Firmware Version – Go to Navigation -> Press Options Button -> Go to Settings -> Go to Position & Version History -> Check Version - You will see NBTEVO_XXXXX

Your map version has to be NBTEvo_XXXXX (NBTEvo_A / NBTEvo_C / NBTEvo_D / NBTEvo_E / NBTEvo_F).

All REGIONS Supported.

We can also install a WiFi antenna for you for an additional £60.00. This is required for Apple CarPlay to work.