Genuine BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 PRO Dashcam Front & Back


The Genuine BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 PRO Dashcam provides peace of mind with its high resolution QHD front camera and full HD rear camera, capturing incidents while driving and while parked. With smart sensors and the Advanced Car Eye 3.0 app, you can easily evaluate detailed footage. Plus, the premium rear camera adds extra security for incidents behind the car.

Smart sensors enable the camera to record both potentially dangerous traffic situations and also (attempted) break-ins and property damage  even in difficult lighting conditions. The detailed videos can by viewed using the Advanced Car Eye 3.0 app


  • Automatic recording of situations in front of the car ‒ even when it is parked.
  • Light-sensitive lens technology deliver detailed recordings both day and night.
  • Precise recording of the route using the integral GPS receiver.
  • Movements and incidents are recorded by the radar and incident sensors.
  • Direct control using the app. Recorded events can be viewed and archived on a smartphone.
  • Additional voice recognition for brief commands whilst driving.

2 Years Warranty