OEM 8.8" Screen Upgrade for BMW 1/2/3/4 Series

Save 29%
Price is for Genuine Used 8.8 Screen, supplied, fitted and coded. 
  • Double the resolution of the smaller factory screen
  • Widescreen 8.8" display gives more room for your menu and apps
  • OEM quality to maintain a clean, original look
  • The perfect match for full-screen Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with our MMI Box
  • Made specifically for F3x (F30, F32 etc.) vehicles

Is your BMW iDrive screen feeling a little cramped? Then give everything a little more room with this 8.8" widescreen display. Replaces the smaller 6" factory BMW screen.

Packing a sharp 1280x480 display, OEM quality and perfect integration with your car's interior, it's the easiest way to refresh your BMW's infotainment system. Fits smoothly into your dashboard, for a factory-original look. Made for F3x (F30, F32 etc.) 

This BMW screen upgrade is the perfect match for our CarPlay MMI BOX, making it easy to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in full-screen. Get more space for your maps and messages, and more icons on your CarPlay home screen for quick navigation between apps.